Recent Works

18 February 2009

The Festival Circuit II (Two by two)

My short film Wherever You Go There You Are /Onde Quer Que Vás, Lá Estarás has been selected for two more festivals. One is AnimaBasauri in Bilbao - it was selected for the Karratu Short Film Prize and the other one is Monstra - Festival de Animação de Lisboa - for the Student Competition. I am really happy to feel some recognition for the hard work and even though it is a no-budget student film it still has some receptiveness. The short was developed for the Master of Arts in Animation at the University of the West of England (which I gained in 2008) and completed at the Lisbon Studio with the help of my dear and talented friends - more details on my website.

02 February 2009

Website Updated!

My dear and old friend Vibs has yet again been so kind as to update my site: and been so patient as to try and teach me a little Flash(...)
Your time, help and talent are invaluable Vibs! 
Do have a look at the new additions and while you are surfing have a look at Vibs' work too (which she is in the process of updating as well!) :-)